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Data Recovery Services

Prices for Windows™ and MSDOS™ disks. (Non-Invasive data recovery) *

Standard recovery service - $375

Advantage Recovery Service - add $300 (is ready within the week)

Priority Recovery Service - add $500 (starts within 48 hours of receiving drive and usually ships by the next day)

Note: All jobs require a $35 deposit for us to start the drive. If we cannot recover the data at all then you will only pay to have the drive shipped back to you. If we can recover the data then the deposit is deducted from the final cost.

For non-Windows™ drives write us for a rate at:

Send in media to record data onto or we will use our own at $5 a CD(700 MB) or $8 a DVD(4.5 GB)


* - whenever possible we will try and recover data through simpler means and charge you less accordingly if successful.

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